Our Approach- Investment Process


The first step is understanding the objectives for your investments. We distinguish between short- and long-term goals and the need for growth, income or both.

Investment Policy

An investment policy is a way to formalize understanding and agreement as to why, when and how investments will be managed on your behalf.

Investment Portfolio

Based on the specifics of each client’s situation, we provide exposure to an appropriate mix of traditional and non-traditional assets. We also seek to provide diversification within each asset class – across sectors, industries, and countries.

Investment Management

Once implemented, we carefully monitor your portfolio by evaluating financial, economic and political risk factors. We will periodically re-balance your portfolio back to the originally desired allocation.

Reporting & Measurement

Periodic reviews of your objectives are critical to achieving investment success. We provide quarterly reports that detail the performance of your portfolio. You also receive monthly account and transaction statements from the independent custodian holding your accounts.

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